My Hat Trick
Home-buying Plan: Learn the Strategy to Win in Real Estate
this Spring! 

Your Homebuying Game Plan Starts Here

Soccer isn't just a game; it's a way of life. It's about seizing opportunity, making bold plays, and celebrating the wins.
Bring that fire to your home-buying with a strategy designed for champions

Your Pathway to a Perfect Mortgage

Goal #1 - Find The Gap, Make The Move

Every soccer fan knows timing is everything. I’ll show you that the market’s ripe for the taking, setting you up for a straight shot to home-ownership.

Goal #2 - More Home, More Value

Want to upgrade your living space like you're moving up a league? I'll work out the numbers to maximize your buying power.

Goal #3 - Stay Ahead of the Game

Interest rates can be as unpredictable as a ref's call. I'll help you strategize for potential shifts, keeping you winning long-term.

Tailor-Made Mortgages for the Hardworking

You know the value of solid work on the field and at the job site. Let’s build your mortgage with the same dedication, ensuring a home as enduring as your legacy.

The Cheers of Success:

Hear from families who've clinched their home goals. Just like a decisive goal in a derby, their stories are the real deal.

Paulo is knowledgeable and was quick...

Paulo is knowledgeable and was quick to answer any questions.

Paul was clear, thorough and guided us through the process. He was also timely, helpful and worked hard to make sure the paperwork was done properly.

Dinah De Vera  //  Manager

Nuno Silva Profile Picture

Paul was always available...

Paul was always available, even after hours. After meeting Paulo and going over my mortgage needs, I could tell that he was all about “client first”, very knowledgeable, helpful in explaining every concern/ question we had

Nuno Silva  //  Senior Manager

A Trusted Voice in the Luso Community

Tune in as I unpack the intricacies of mortgages, dissect interest rates, and forecast economic trends. Trusted by our community, I'm the go-to voice for clear, actionable insights that empower homeowners and aspiring buyers to make informed decisions with confidence.

July 4, 2024

A inflação no Canadá aumentou inesperadamente para 2,9% em maio de 2024

June 12, 2023

O Banco do Canadá está a alertar para o facto de que o preço das hipotecas podem aumentar nos próximos anos cerca de 40%

Ready to bring the passion of the pitch to your property pursuit?

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Paulo Rocha

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