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The US Debt Ceiling Crisis and its Potential Impact on Canadian Mortgage Rates. Part 2

By Paul J Rocha

May 16, 2023

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Welcome to the second part of my blog series on the US debt ceiling crisis and its potential impact on Canadian mortgage rates. In Part 1, we explored the debt ceiling and its significance in the US financial system. Now, let's take a closer look at how this crisis could potentially affect mortgage rates in Canada, considering the interconnectedness of these two economies and the potential ripple effects.

1. Relationship between US and Canadian Economies:

The economies of the United States and Canada are closely connected, with trade and financial ties playing a significant role. As the US grapples with its debt ceiling crisis, the resulting uncertainty and market volatility can have effects on the Canadian economy. Investors may seek safer investments, such as Canadian bonds, which could potentially lead to increased demand and lower interest rates. This, in turn, could impact Canadian mortgage rates, making borrowing more affordable for homebuyers.

2. Influence of US Treasury Bonds:

US Treasury bonds are considered safe investments and serve as a benchmark for global interest rates. During times of economic uncertainty, investors often turn to these bonds, which can affect borrowing costs worldwide, including those for Canadian mortgages. If the US debt ceiling crisis undermines investor confidence in US Treasury bonds, it may result in higher yields and borrowing costs. Given that Canadian mortgage rates are influenced by global trends, an increase in US Treasury yields could potentially impact rates in Canada as well.

3. Currency Exchange Rates:

The relationship between the US dollar (USD) and the Canadian dollar (CAD) also plays a role in mortgage rates. Currency exchange rates can affect borrowing costs for Canadian lenders. If the US debt ceiling crisis leads to a weakened US dollar, it could strengthen the Canadian dollar, making it less expensive for Canadian lenders to access funds. This could contribute to lower borrowing costs, potentially leading to more favorable mortgage rates for Canadian borrowers.

4. Impact on the Canadian Housing Market:

Changes in mortgage rates can have significant implications for the Canadian housing market. Lower mortgage rates can make homeownership more affordable and stimulate demand for homes. Increased demand, in turn, can contribute to price appreciation in the housing market. However, it's important to note that other factors, such as domestic economic conditions and government policies, also play a crucial role in shaping the Canadian housing market.

5. Government Intervention:

In response to potential impacts from the US debt ceiling crisis, Canadian policymakers may take measures to mitigate risks and stabilize the housing market. Regulatory bodies like the Bank of Canada may adjust monetary policies to counteract any adverse effects on mortgage rates and overall economic stability. Additionally, government interventions such as changes to lending rules or mortgage insurance requirements could be implemented to maintain a balanced and healthy housing sector.


The US debt ceiling crisis has the potential to extend its impact beyond borders, including on Canadian mortgage rates. The close interconnection between the US and Canadian economies means that market volatility, investor sentiment, and currency exchange rates can influence borrowing costs and, subsequently, mortgage rates in Canada. While the full extent of the impact remains uncertain, policymakers and industry experts will closely monitor developments and take necessary measures to ensure stability in the Canadian housing market. By understanding these dynamics, borrowers and industry professionals can make informed decisions in the ever-changing financial landscape.

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