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From New Job to New Home: Overcoming Mortgage Challenges

By Paul J Rocha

October 18, 2022

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This mortgage success story was referred to us from one of our realtor partners. His bank declined his mortgage application because he was on employed just over 1 month.  We were able to find a solution and get Don is mortgage approved.

Employment history

Don has been a life long truck driver, driving trucks for over 25 years. During Covid-19 Don's employer at the time closed down operations, and Don was laid-off. Initially Don decided to not look for a job right away. He had an elderly parent at home and decided it was safer to wait-out Covid-19. Eventually Don found a new job as a truck driver again, and this is where our story begins.

Bank declines his mortgage application

Soon after he started working at his new job, Don started looking at purchasing a new home. Eventually he and his family found the perfect house in the perfect location for them. They made an offer and their offer was eventually approved.

Super excited the next morning Don went to his bank (where he has dealt for over 30 years) to apply for a mortgage. To his surprise the bank declined his mortgage application because he had been at his current employer for less than 3 months. Don's bank told him to come back and re-apply for a mortgage after he had been with his employer for more than 3 months.

We listen to your story

During our initial conversation Don told us all about his 25 years in the trucking industry. He told us how he loved his job, how he gets up at 4:30 a.m. every day, and how he went 15 years without ever taking any time off, not even 1 day of holidays during this time.

He also told us how he blamed himself for not taking a job right after he was laid-off, but he was worried about bringing Covid-19 home where he was caring for his elderly parent.

We believed in Don and his story and knew that we could find a lender who would approve his mortgage application.

We offer mortgage solutions

We immediately went to work calling our top lenders, and fighting for Don and his family. That same day we found several lenders willing to believe and Don and his story. We presented Don and his family their options, and they selected the mortgage most advantages for their family.

Today, Don couldn't be happier, he absolutely loves his new home, and he splits his free time between manicuring his lawn, and relaxing in his pool.

Like we did with Don, we work closely with you to fully understand your unique mortgage situation and fight on your behalf to find mortgage solutions to meet our needs.

Facing Mortgage Challenges?

Everyone has a unique story, and sometimes, it involves overcoming mortgage hurdles. Let's collaborate to transform your story into a success story. Ready to start your journey?

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