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Self-Employed and Thriving: Overcoming Late Mortgage Payments

By Paul J Rocha

October 18, 2022

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This is a recent success story, of how we were able to get our client John, a self employed mortgage, even with current late mortgage payments.

Self Employed

John was referred to us by a previous colleague at one of the big 5 banks. John ran a successful baked goods business in the GTA. Word soon got around of how good John's products were and It wasn't long before John's business started growing much faster then he had ever dreamed.

Credit Issues

John was excited about the  fast paced growth his business was experiencing. It did however bring with it an unexpected downside. John quickly ran into a cash flow crisis. He soon found himself in unfamiliar waters, behind on his mortgage payments as well as his credit cards.

John had always had a AAA credit history, but now he found himself in the scary position of his bank declining his mortgage refinance and home equity line of credit applications due to his recent poor credit history.

We Listen to your story

We sat down with John and got a good feel for his business, and how his growth led to his current cash flow crisis. It was also obvious how much John loved his business and the exceptional pride he took in the quality of his products.

John often starts his days at 4 a.m. and doesn't get home until after 7:00 p.m. . We believed in John, and his story. Following our meeting, we felt that we could convince a lender to look deeper into John's mortgage application including his business projections as opposed to just his credit bureau rating.

We offer mortgage solutions

We found a lender that listened to John's story and took their time to understand John's business, and ultimately approved John for a self-employed mortgage refinance.

With our help John was able to meet all his obligations, and still had enough money left over to keep his cash-flow positive.

Like with John, we work closely with you to fully understand your unique mortgage situation and fight on your behalf to find solutions to your needs.

Self Employed?

Share your story with us and let's discuss your self employed mortgage options.

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